Life is hard for David Thrine. While some exaggerate their conditions, his life is a true testament of living a hard knock life.


At the age of thirteen, the only thing he can be grateful for is the roof over his head. But that’s all he has. There’s no food in the refrigerator. Every morning he awakes to the same grumbling he laid upon the night before. He has no clean clothes and no means to wash them. His mother doesn’t want him, and she makes sure he knows that on a regular basis. His biological father resides directly across the street with his mother’s ex-best friend. He also doesn’t want anything to do with him. Living under these conditions leaves him in a precarious situation.


Left to fend for himself, his chances of survival are slim unless he takes matters into his own hands. Set on overcoming these obstacles, he turns to the street. What else does society expect from a teenager when his stomach touches his back, his mother sells the food stamps for cocaine, and he doesn’t know when his next meal will come?


At this point, what society expects means nothing. That’s until he meets a man who takes a genuine interest in his well-being. This man, knowing David’s background, takes him under his wing to show him a different life. David, falling into the crease of the man’s fold, soaks up every ounce of energy oozing from the man, while preparing for the future. Except, the Universe had other plans.


When the one person who could change his life is snatched away, David had to pick up that old shovel he sought to abandon and return to the streets to dig his own grave. He realized that his preparation for a different life has been an illusion. When headed back to reality, the grief associated with dancing with the devil is heartbreaking. He’d been running the streets for far too long to know that the streets had no love for a young soul. The streets loved everyone who played in them accordingly. Aware of that, he anticipated having to sign over his adolescent rights to those very streets if he intended to make it another year. And in the end, it will be that signature that lays the foundation for his future.

Living life staring down the barrel of a gun is about as real as it gets. The little black dot is real. The gun is real; and if the person holding the gun pulls the trigger, the death will be real too.


JP knows that, and so does Stefany, Jack and Maria. What they can’t seem to understand is how they found themselves in the position they’re in. Their movements have been well thought out, somewhat meticulous. Or, so they thought. The very essence of their being is in the hands of another, and in the hands of a person they least expected.


With their lives hanging in the balance, the outcome could be one they would rather reconsider. Any sudden movements could end it all. The games they’ve played up to this point will have adverse conditions. While assuming they would forever come out on top, that rationale may be the reason they end up a loser.


That’s not set in stone though. The tables could always turn on those holding the gun. Because in the game of life, every action has a reaction. When you get caught slipping, every dog has its day. Everyone has a price to pay. The only question is: who will pay that price with their life and who will walk away with the receipt?


Staying true to its form, Multiples – A Price to Pay continues to lead you down a path of the unknown. The moment you think you have it figured out, another shadow of a doubt overcomes you. Having traveled so far into darkness, you yearn for some light. At some point, you know there has to be a light shining at the end of the tunnel. But will you go crazy searching for the light, or, will you maintain your sanity in search for the answers?



That was the tale of the tape for David. He had succumbed to his injuries. The beating he had taken pushed his existence to the brink of expulsion. But God had a plan for him. Only by His grace and mercy has He given him another chance at life.


Just a teenager, the blessing he has received isn’t something he can truly appreciate. He has been walking the fine line of life and death for a long time. The courtesy of his rebirth simply catapults him into a new arena of problems. Daily, he is pulled into two directions and the energy of one will eventually win him over. Ready to roll the dice again, he shoots his shot and prays he doesn’t crap out. At this stage, he can’t afford another loss. And he surely can’t count on God to do him anymore favors.


Aloysius isn’t much different. In a coma, he has no clue to what has happen around him. His grand stature of power has been reduced to rubble and the last of his pawns are scrambling to protect their king. This is a trying time for what’s left of his organization. From all sides, the opposition is closing in and they aren’t praying for their downfall. They’re seeking to enact it. Under that kind of pressure, the team itself isn’t simply fighting for their lives. They are battling to uphold Aloysius’ good name. However, one false move could end it all and they desperately want to duck that.


Death of a Boy II is a high-flying, fast paced rollercoaster ride that takes the introduction of these characters and breaths a new life into each of them literally. Strapping on that seat belt is definitely a must.


That’s all Romeo knows. He lives for it. He thrives off of it. It’s what motivates him. Driven by that purpose, he delves in the thought of slipping out of the shadows to play. For years, the tinted shade has been his home and he has found comfort within it. However, certain things transpiring around him conflicts with what he is used to.


A thoroughbred in his own right, he’s used to mingling with like-minded individuals. Unfortunately, his kind has been meeting an untimely demise. In his profession, that’s expected. Yet, it’s not what he could see for himself. Taking the initiative, he longs to stand up for the good guys. And to do that, he sets out to shatter the comfort of a bunch of sheep parading around in wolves’ clothing.


These perpetrators are skeptical about Romeo’s transition. He’s not the type of individual they want sitting at their table. They’re fully aware of what he’s capable of. Over the years, they’ve been known to solicit his services. In doing so, they know he’s an unmanageable creature. To let him into the fold would totally destroy everything they have built. Knowing this, they must concoct a scheme to either control him or kill him. Desperate for the former, they plot the best way they can to minimize the blood stains on their hands.


But will their plotting and scheming produce the results they desire or will this shadowed accomplice shine amid the cloud of murder that has always paved his way?

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